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   Crystal Illusions was founded in 1981 in the owner's basement at 15th & Saint Clair and incorporated in 1987. Throughout the years the product line has been greatly expanded from mostly etched and colored glass to leaded, slumped, recycled, and laminated. The diversity of products that Crystal Illusions creates ensures to have just the right piece(es) for your home or business. After relocating a few times they landed their headquarters on Richmond Road, near Miles Road in Bedford Heights.

   The small showroom surrounds you with art glass creating an extraordinary impression which speaks directly to the level of quality and design that goes into all of their products. Today Crystal Illusions is one of the most highly regarded architectural/art glass company in Cleveland, with products that range in functionality and size but never beauty. Feel free to visit our showroom located at 5120 Richmond Road near Miles Road in Bedford Heights to view an array of products from doors to counter-tops and everything in-between.

   Don't forget to say hi to Buddy Crystal the rescue dog!

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5120 Richmond Road (near Miles) Bedford Heights, OH 44022 216.292.9959